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A lot is on the line for this particular matchup. What makes this one different than before is that the two are now in the same division of the Big Ten conference. Whoever wins will likely head to Indianapolis in December for the championship game.

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Decades ago in Hawaii, the US attempted to bomb a lava flow, only to see the bomb craters refill. In Iceland, crews made use of billions of gallons of cold water around a nearby harbour to cool the lava in place. And barriers along Mount Etna in Italy redirected a flow away from a tourist area. But these attempts have been helped by a natural slowing or halting of lava eruptions.

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The Mediterranean cyclone affected Malta from early on November 7 till early on November 8. As the cyclone made its way towards Malta, the islands were affected by bands of convection surrounding the storm’s centre. These produced heavy rain and thunderstorms. Some of the thunderstorms were very strong with severe gusts, moderate to large hail (up to 2cm in diameter) and funnel events. The cyclone made landfall at 15:50. As the ”eye’ approached from the south west, the stormy weather intensified with a severe wind from the south-east (sustained at up to Force 10/11) and heavy to torrential precipitation. The storm generated waves of up to 7.1 metres and a storm surge. The ”eye’ passed over the south of Malta with calm weather for some 15 minutes (between 17:04 and 17:19). Due to its small size, this break in the stormy weather was not experienced in all areas of the nation. The second part of the storm was even more intense. It was characterized by a severe wind from the north-west wind (sustained at up to Force 11/12) and more driving rain. The last part of the ”eye’ moved off the islands at 18:04. The final band of convection hit the islands bringing further heavy rain and thunderstorms that lasted till early on the 8th.


Investors had taken profits on extremely long dollarpositions on Friday after headline U.S. payroll figures missed more optimistic expectations. The report, however, still paintedan encouraging picture of the U.S. labour market.

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Djokovic picked Cilic apart with relish, claiming his 11th victory over him in 11 meetings and sending a reminder to the newest member of the grand slam club that the ruling class are not ready to roll over yet.

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When asked about their participation in medium to high impact activities that are known to improve heart health, swimming proved the most popular at 37%, followed by cycling (25%), GAA (17%), football (15%) and running (14%).

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In addition, KIO wants more clubs to be proactive in coming out to publicly support their players when they are the victims of discrimination online, by calling upon the authorities to work closely with the relevant platform to investigate and track down the offenders.

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Obama's detailed statement on the issue of "net neutrality,"a platform in his 2008 presidential campaign, was a rareintervention by the White House into the policy setting of anindependent agency.

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That skepticism is borne mostly of concerns that Iran secretly will enrich enough uranium to build nuclear weapons, even after a deal is reached. For years, Iran hid some of its nuclear facilities and blocked inspectors' access at others, raising widespread alarms about its intentions.

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“We want to prevent that. So we separate it and then we have to store it underground in geological formations. You can do that on or off-shore. But in Europe there are better possibilities in the off-shore areas, below the sea-floor, than onshore.”

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Dupilumab is a latecomer among a new class of antibody drugsfor people whose asthma does not respond adequately to inhalers,but unlike rivals such as GlaxoSmithKline's mepolizumabit hits two targets at once.

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The comet activity on the day - throwing out gas and dust or even the splitting up of the comet itself - cannot be predicted. The descending robot will just have to cope with whatever is chucked at it

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On a mailing list for Tor developers, he wrote: "This will probably be a very humbling experience, because unlike my fellow illegal onion operators both past and present, I will actually be outside of a jail cell and able to read the ruthless dissection of my set-up.