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Davis: We curse on the site because we curse in real life.And we wanted to show that just because you are trying to takecare of yourself and you want to eat more vegetables doesn'tmean you don't have a sense of humor.

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In a second study, the researchers focused on radiotherapy. They looked at 16 children and 10 adults who had been exposed to this treatment while still in the womb. This marks the first long-term follow-up study of children exposed to radiation while in the womb.

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The Hippocratic Oath, which dates from the 5th century BC, is silent on the issue of doctors helping people in times of plague and epidemics. Further, only a minority of doctors now recite the oath upon qualifying.

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The bogus article contained a software tool that could verify Internet addresses. The suspect clicked on a link, revealing his computer's location and Internet address, which helped agents confirm his identity.

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South Korea has spent months debating public safety issues that critics say were largely ignored while the country rose to an Asian economic power in the decades after the 1950-53 Korean War. But there have been a series of smaller deadly accidents since the sinking. In mid-October, for instance, 16 people watching an outdoor pop concert fell 60 feet to their deaths when a ventilation grate they were standing on collapsed.

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North Korea has demanded that thermal scanners be set up at the entrance to the Kaesong Industrial Complex to detect signs of Ebola among the 400 South Koreans who commute to the facility daily.

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Part of his reinvention includes releasing his second self-titled solo album -- he originally released his first solo album, "Nicholas Jonas," in 2005 while still with the Jonas Brothers.

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“The (Bruins’) third goal was a highlight goal. But it was kind of lucky, too, when you look at it,” said Devils forward Jaromir Jagr, who scored for New Jersey. “To score between the legs, it’s not going to happen again.”

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Throughout the summer of 1939, months after Munich, Anglo-French negotiators, led by Lord Halifax, the British foreign secretary, held intensive discussions with Soviet officials about the possibilities of a mutual defence pact.

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In a press release, it said more than 400 services were shut - although it later clarified that to mean 400 pages were disabled. Those pages had belonged to 27 individual services that were seized and closed.

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The movie starred Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse and was all about dancing. Hoofing takes a back seat to vocals in this “Wagon,” but the backstage story stitched together with musical vignettes is basically the same: Washed-up Oscar winner Tony Hunter (Brian Stokes Mitchell) comes crawling back to Broadway and ends up in a disastrous singing-and-dancing version of “Faust.” Teamwork turns the production — poof — into a hit.

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All school districts must meet their constitutional obligation to educate these kids. At the same time, we must recognize that a massive unplanned influx of new students is causing a serious resource challenge to many already overburdened districts.

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Pleading letters, visits from marketing agents and notices of demand from external lawyers often fall on deaf ears. The casinos can deploy debt collection agencies, though often just physically locating the high roller can prove near impossible.

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Abe's support ratings took a hit from a series of financial scandals in his cabinet as well as doubts about the economic recovery, and some political insiders said he might want to call the snap poll before they slide further.

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More regulation under rules created in a dramatically different era also threatens to bog down the Internet in more government bureaucracy and meddling. The 1934 Telecommunications Act would be the foundation of net neutrality, as envisioned by Obama, and it's not clear how much the law would be updated. Broadband for America likened Obama's proposal to the efforts of governments in China and Russia to gain more control over the Internet.