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“Across industry, we are seeing the rewards of our involvement with this and many other important long-term projects and technologies with the sector growing more than 7pc in the past year alone.”

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The former three-term governor’s remarks came at the renaming ceremony for South Station, which is now known as the Michael S. Dukakis South Station Transportation Center. The station’s renaming was included in a transportation bond bill passed by the Legislature earlier this year.

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A group of protesters set fire to the wooden door of the ceremonial presidential palace in Mexico City's historic city center on Saturday night, as anger over the government's handling of the case mounts.

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The rationales are sound. People should suffer the same penalty for possessing 25 grams or less whether it’s in a pocket or held in hand. Smoking in the open is a more serious offense because it infringes on other members of the public.


The Grizzles (6-1) are giving up an NBA-low 87.6 points per game. The number of shots Bryant takes could directly correspond with how much the Lakers panic on offense. Or how little faith Bryant has in some of his teammates.

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Over the 26-year marriage, the value of Continental soaredsome 400-fold. During the trial, Harold Hamm's legal teamcontended that Continental's growing wealth was mostly due topassive or market factors such as the rising price of oil.

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Newcastle fans have been repeatedly told by club employees that they cannot compete for silverware anymore and that they should be happy to just be a stable business with Ashley in charge.

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Nevertheless, Berenberg Bank analyst Alistair Campbell saidthat dupilumab could still be a commercial success, withpotential annual sales of $1.5 billion by 2025, if the strongdata in current tests were replicated in final-stage Phase IIIstudies.

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Anthony worked on his outside shot on the court about two hours before Saturday’s tipoff and looked like he was busting out of his slide with 14 points on 6-of-10 shooting in the first quarter. But he took only one shot in seven minutes on the floor in the second quarter and missed eight of his 10 shots over the final three periods.

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That was April 1916, and heavy artillery battles were raging at Verdun. The German government was looking for anything that might save fuel and money for the war effort, when they discovered Willetts' idea.


Like Robert Downey Jr., Billy Crystal and Jenny Slate before him, who were all fired from "SNL" after one season, Wheelan's departure may lead to future opportunities. He has already gotten support from director Judd Apatow on Twitter.

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In addition, physical therapy is initially needed to stretch the connective tissue that has tightened laterally holding the kneecap on the side and not allowing the medial quad to hold it in the center of the groove. There is no substitute for a qualified physical therapist to stretch this retinaculum properly. Once stretched to allow that kneecap to stay centered, your doing the exercises should be able to hold it for life.

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Unger even said the Giants showed them a few looks they weren’t expecting, although how could he tell exactly what the Giants were trying to do? It looked as though they didn’t know themselves.

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The soldier's stabbing at a train station in Tel Aviv, Israel's commercial capital, brought bloodshed to a city that has largely been spared since the last uprising died down in 2005. Police identified the suspected assailant, who was arrested, as a West Bank resident who was in Israel illegally and had no criminal record there.

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But the country is troubled, as I discovered after spending several days in Madrid and Barcelona last week. The unemployment rate may be falling but it is expected to end next year at an eye-watering 23.5 percent. Corruption scandals embroiling politicians from all the traditional governing parties are popping out of the woodwork. And government debt is still climbing and expected to exceed 100 percent of GDP next year.

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Nog is the latest to parody the video that showed a young woman being catcalled 108 times while walking around Manhattan in August. That clip, viewed over 34 million times on YouTube, was a public service announcement from Hollaback, a non-profit that aims to end street harassment.

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"We do not want police officers left holding the bag if crime rises because of poor policy," Patrolmen's Benevolent Association President Patrick J. Lynch said in a statement. "Writing a summons to someone who does not respect the law can result in a volatile situation."

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That selection really brings an unnecessary pressure for the weekend. A lot of it is because Rodgers is new to the situation and he is thinking about energy levels. He may have the last laugh though, because his squad showed they are strong.

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Judge Veits said: "In other industries employers as well as the employee could be facing prosecution in such cases, and I hope therefore that this case can serve as a wake-up call to all who run estates as to their duties."

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Insurance underwriters have won permission to dig in to the mental state of Mick Jagger’s girlfriend, L’Wren Scott, in an attempt to avoid paying the Rolling Stones $12.7 million for concerts canceled after the fashionista’s suicide in March.

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The “Party in the U.S.A.” singer and Ah-nuld’s son, 21, were alive and well in West Hollywood, enjoying a big night out, spies tell Confidenti@l. “They were not leaving each other’s sides,” says a tipster at Bagatelle restaurant in West Hollywood. Though Cyrus and the Son of the Terminator have been private about the nature of their relationship, we’re told that no one at the chic SoCal eatery had any confusion about them Friday night. “Something is going on,” we’re told. “It’s pretty obvious.”

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He was no longer “the Sanchize” or the savior. He insisted that his personal and professional growth had turned him into a “better version” of himself with his new team. “After playing for a while, you learn a lot,” said Sanchez, who turns 28 on Tuesday. “I’ve made a lot of mistakes. I had plenty of games where I’m throwing interceptions and hurting the team.”

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The Mets are in desperate need of hitters, finishing 22nd in the majors in runs scored (629) in 2014 and 28th in team batting average (.239). In his fourth year of rebuilding the franchise, Alderson is under pressure to show results, especially with Matt Harvey coming back after missing 2014 after Tommy John surgery and young players like 2014 Rookie of the Year Jacob deGrom, Travis d’Arnaud and Juan Lagares coming of age.

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Appropriating the imagery of Hitler’s Final Solution in this context has no purpose other than to generate clicks and chatter. The lyrics of the song, after all, address the people with whom Minaj has or has not had sex — and how she likes it when she does.

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BBC home affairs correspondent Danny Shaw says they are unlikely to accept that the findings of former senior civil servant, Peter Wanless - now chief executive of children's charity the NSPCC - settles the matter.

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Researchers at the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin have achieved a milestone in modern wireless and cellular telecommunications, creating a radically smaller, more efficient ...

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I’m also pleased to see Saido Berahino in there because I’ve been impressed with him. He looks the part and his movement and quality of finishing is excellent. It’s important that he continues to make those developments at West Brom.

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Packham was also dismissive of the programme's use of consultants to advise on animal welfare, saying: "I can guarantee that some animals are harmed during production, because they are fragile or easily stressed. Or simply killed, as they are in your bushtucker trials."

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The major financial and economic institutions, which expertssometimes call the "international financial architecture", nolonger correspond to the balance of power and the shiftingcentre of gravity in the world economy.

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Sub-Saharan African growth should top 5 percent this year,the International Monetary Fund says, rising to 5.8 percent in2015. Nigeria, Africa's biggest economy, should grow 7.3 percentnext year, whilst Kenya is in line for a 6.2 percent boost.

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It's up to the FCC's commissioners to draft the rules. They could adopt Obama's take on the issue. But that could prove difficult. Internet providers don't want strict regulation that ties their hands, and they have successfully resisted earlier attempts to reclassify broadband as a utility in the past.

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Philadelphia Federal Reserve President Charles Plosser expressed concern over low interest rates in the U.S., which he said are unprecedentedly low, even allowing for falling oil prices and "very modest" wage growth.

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But a three-judge panel did sentence Lee Joon-Seok to 36 years in prison for gross negligence in his role in the maritime tragedy after the Sewol ferry with 476 people aboard capsized while making a sharp turn on April 16 en route to the resort island of Jeju.

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But that sort of precision is tricky, for a very simple reason. Rosetta and its comet are, at the moment of writing, 315,890,887 miles from Earth; light takes nearly 30 minutes to reach it, so it is impossible to control the spacecraft remotely. Instead, the probe is doing everything itself. But that means that the mission’s controllers no longer have any real input into what happens. “It’s up to the spacecraft now,” says Dr Matt Taylor, the Rosetta mission’s project scientist. “We’ve done the best we can. It’s up to the lander, and gravity, and hopefully they’ll be kind.”

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Luckily Bauma has a secret weapon: Pringles - the salty potato snacks. "When you give them something they like, they realise that you're their friend. We do not give it to them as food, but rather as a tactic to handle them," he says.

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Karti first went to the eastern city of Tobruk to meet the internationally-recognized Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinnibefore flying to Tripoli for talks with a competing governmentbased there, Foreign Ministry spokesman Joseph al-Kordofanisaid.

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"Responses to this consultation will be a valuable addition to our evidence base and will directly inform our recommendation to the Government when we publish our final report in the summer of 2015."

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However, he was sceptical of Mr Roberts' suggestion that a version of Mom might end up being stored in ambulances and used in remote parts of the UK to transport prematurely born babies to hospital.

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The study found that those who consumed fried foods on a weekly basis prior to becoming pregnant had an increased risk of developing gestational diabetes. The more often they consumed these foods, the higher the risk.

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"We look to China to create a more level playing field on which foreign companies are treated fairly, so that they can compete fairly with Chinese companies," he said in a speech to business leaders at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum.

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Asked Saturday night if the Buckeyes have done enough to elevate their stature nationally, Meyer said, "I think it is, because I love my team and I don't know enough. I haven't studied the other teams really. If I have to go fight for this team, what they've done -- very impressive. That darn loss the second game, if that hurts us, I'll take the hit for that."

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Every available floor and surface space is plastered with old pieces of mobile phones, electrical parts and wires. He is one of hundreds of mobile phone repair men dotted around the city. For a small sum they can fix almost anything.

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I expect a strong team against Slovenia but for the friendly against Scotland it’s a good opportunity to see some other players used. I’d like to see Nathaniel Clyne given a go and maybe see Calum Chambers used at centre back. Again I’m not sure Downing would come straight into the first XI for Slovenia but the Scotland game would be a good chance to see what he can do.