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Expect a back-and-forth battle up until the fourth quarter. Nebraska will squeak by Wisconsin, but not by much. It will be oddly reminiscent of the Huskers' win over the Badgers during the regular season in 2012.

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The 529 plans run by Fidelity Investments also offer a free service that allows parents to set up a personalized contribution page and share links via email or social media that allow direct contributions to a child's college savings account via electronic check.

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"During the past few weeks our teams have made good progress in resolving several outstanding issues regarding a potential agreement. Today is an opportunity for us at the political level to break some remaining logjams," Obama said at a meeting of TPP leaders at the U.S. embassy.

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There is camaraderie and excitement on the bus. The girls are dressed in white salwaar kameez (pyjamas and long tunics) and saffron-coloured dupattas (scarves). Two of the camp leaders are at the front of the bus leading the girls in a chant: "Hindustan is for Hindus. Pakistan can go to hell"

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"I hoped that one day I'd meet that special someone," he said. "What started as friendship over the course of a year grew into something much more meaningful. As I got to know Daryl more and more I realised I had met the guy I wanted to share my life with. There was never any doubt we were going to be life partners."


"The court is sympathetic to the objectors, whose communityis coping with the toxic legacy Kerr-McGee has left in itswake," Forrest wrote. "Nevertheless, the court must consider thebroad interests of all the parties."