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LONDON (AP) — So sorry we kept it a secret. That was Ronald Reagan's message to Margaret Thatcher when U.S. troops invaded the tiny Caribbean island of Grenada in 1983 without telling the British leader first.

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At least 35 people will be fired and more than 1,000 are facing "aggressive, expeditious" disciplinary action. The names of the 35 employees were given to the VA committees in both the House and Senate, and all firings have to go through a judge. The changes are said to be one of the biggest reorganization in the VA's history.

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The United States has been a world leader in quality of life, with more than 60 percent of the population owning their own homes and over 90 percent owning cars. By contrast, with 50 percent of the population still living in dire conditions in the countryside and massive air, water and soil pollution killing 1.2 million people a year, Chinese quality of life is quite poor. A recent poll showed that more than 60 percent of the wealthiest Chinese want to leave the country.

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Religious leaders, as long as they harbour no hatred towards any particular group, could also intervene in situations where politicians and diplomats may not be trusted, especially as their appeal tends to cut across ethnic and language groups - a very rare quality amongst African leaders.

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The maneuver helped it not only outbid rival Thoma Bravo LLCin the TIBCO auction, but also use JPMorgan and Jefferies, whichwhere were originally backing Thoma Bravo during the auction andwere offering better financing terms, the sources said.

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Both indexes retreated slightly from major gains made duringthe morning session, as investors took profits with an eye onmainland markets, which closed down as investors continued tosell down small cap shares.

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We talk all the time about how the Jets’ 8-8 record didn’t tell the real story of last season, because they got a gift win on a Tampa Bay penalty and then got another gift-wrapped win because of a phantom call against the Patriots on a field goal attempt. But the Giants’ 7-9 record was even softer, even as we praised them for never giving up, something you hear a lot around bad teams.

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Traders said that investors were ditching Sainsburys aheadof results out later this week amid fears that the supermarketmay cut its dividend, prompting Cantor to cut its target priceon the stock.

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"For people who struggle to repay, we believe the new ruleswill put an end to spiralling payday debts," FCA Chief ExecutiveMartin Wheatley said. "For most of the borrowers who do pay backtheir loans on time, the cap on fees and charges representssubstantial protections."

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The only thing to say about the Jets’ victory Sunday over Pittsburgh, at this sad stage of a lost season, is that it was very good for Rex Ryan’s résumé. Very good, and very important. Because when Ryan is hunting in February for a position as a head coach, a defensive coordinator or broadcast commentator — and he won’t have to search very long — everyone will know that his players didn’t quit on him.

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We have whips scuttling around this House saying a vote will be taken tonight that is indicative of what Parliament thinks about the EAW.This is a procedural absurdity... the Government cannot conceivably decide that one vote is indicative of another vote.

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Obama's focus on Asia business ties on the first day of his visit underscored his efforts to strike a balance between seeking deeper economic cooperation with a rising China while also challenging Beijing with the U.S. pursuit of a trans-Pacific trade pact that fornow excludesthe world's second-largest economy.

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“Given the tight timescales and absence of any new money in the Fund, local areas are being expected to achieve too much, with too little, too soon. Achieving the headline ambition of reducing emergency admissions by more than 3 per cent would require a dramatic reversal in demand for hospital services which has been rising inexorably in recent years.

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Even as ISIS’s advance through Iraq has slowed, Al Qaeda-affiliated fighters of Jabhat al-Nusra are claiming crucial territory in northern Syria — routing remnants of the relatively secular rebels who had pleaded for help from Obama. Those fighters abandoned their weapons, reportedly including U.S.-made anti-tank missiles, to the hostage-taking head choppers.

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Getting caught with less than 25 grams in public view, while technically a misdemeanor subject to arrest, will also be treated as the same kind of non-criminal violation — except if you are wanted on a warrant or cannot identify yourself.

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The new app is designed to cut the time it takes to shop, which Sainsbury's says it has proven itself to do. Users will be able to create a shopping list prior to visiting a store, which Sainsbury’s digital and technology director Jon Rudoe says is partly in recognition that grocery shopping starts when you realize you need an item. In addition, it will allow users to browse for good deals and offers more easily.