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Although I’m told it’s a coincidence, it’s striking that Politico and the New Republic have both published tough pieces on Jarrett at roughly the same time. And these arguments brought a vigorous defense from Mika Brzezinski, with the “Morning Joe” co-host calling the attacks “sexist.” More on that in a moment.

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Moreover PM Viktor Orban made a public declaration in July of wanting to build an “illiberal state based on national foundations”, in a speech citing Turkey and Russia as examples. “The new state we are building in Hungary today,” Orban said, “is not a liberal state. It does not deny liberalism’s basic values such as freedom but doesn’t make its core element ” I don’t think our European Union membership precludes us from building an illiberal new state based on national foundations.”

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Bank of England Governor Mark Carney (L) and Germany's Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann attend a conference of central bankers hosted by the Bank of France in Paris November 7, 2014.

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The captain of the ferry, which sank killing about 300people, mostly children, was acquitted of homicide but was foundguilty of negligence by family members of the victims, many ofwhom were teenage children on a school trip. He was sentenced to36 years in jail.

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Because the event is taking place 510 million km from Earth, communication between Rosetta and controllers takes 28 minutes and 20 seconds each way. As a consequence, confirmation of separation is not expected until about 09:03 GMT and of the landing until just after 16:00 GMT.

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Force schools to choose between having a football team or band and serving immigrant children who have arrived in New York seeking to build a better life? We at the state level can’t allow that to happen.

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Kabul's chattering classes swap stories of a new president who sleeps only three hours a night, devours every document searching for essential details and schedules his diary so tightly that a senior official who arrived five minutes late was told he had missed his moment.

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Meanwhile, the debt schedule will keep the rouble underpressure. Companies' fear is that sanctions will be maintainedor even extended, and that the rouble will weaken further,making it a good idea to buy dollars now.

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In response to this wave of unaccompanied migrants crossing the border, the federal immigration court has prioritised these cases, called a "surge docket". Lawyers sometimes refer to this as a "rocket docket", because it moves so quickly.

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This will be the first government to take office after the recent political crisis in Yemen, following the decision to lift fuel subsidies in August. The crisis had sparked armed confrontations inside the capital and led to the resignation of Prime Minister Mohamed Basindowa.

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For the moment they are tapping deep into a well of popular disenchantment with all mainstream politics. Mr Farage was in Rochester on Saturday amid the “smoke and mirrors” row over George Osborne’s deal on the UK’s budget contribution. Whatever the size of the surcharge, the mere hint that some jiggery-pokery had taken place was grist to the mill for the Ukip leader, feeding his narrative of “you can’t believe a word they say”. The shambles in the Commons last night over whether or not MPs were voting on the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) is a further example of a failure of the political elites to be straightforward and honest with the country where the EU is concerned.

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It takes a long time for things to become meaningful. Certainly, the Inquisition feels toothless for the opening third of the game . There’s no examination of the tough choices or morally shady activities that you might expect from such a provocative outfit. So concerned is BioWare to let you play the game your way that it fails to deliver its story with any authority or sense of deliberately measured pace.

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"Runner's knee or “Maller's Knee” or “Cyclist's Knee" is the most common knee pain people get. Sports doctors, orthopaedic surgeons, family doctors, and internists see this type of knee pain more than anything else. Understanding the real cause makes treatment easy and pain relief possible in a short period of time.

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“It’s early in the season, but it seems like when teams start to apply pressure to us in that second half, we’re kind of backing up and just allowing them to do that rather than just going out there and playing our game.”

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I finally got home to my family in Mosul, shortly after midnight on 20 June. I was shocked and frightened by what I saw in the streets, where armed groups were roaming around. I prayed and fasted for three days.

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“The idea was to hide 24,000 men under ground so they could suddenly appear and surprise the Germans who had no idea of the existence of the tunnels – it’s a veritable 20 kilometre long maze.”

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This year the American College of Sports Medicine listed minimal heel-to-toe drop, the absence of motion control or stability components, and lightness as the key characteristics of a good, safe running shoe.

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"It's not just about transport to hospital, it's about excellent treatment at the scene and other options. What we need to do is empower paramedics to make good decisions and not get too bound up with the traditional idea that the hospital is the answer."

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"You had such an amazing soul My heart hurts so much knowing I will never see you again," said Dyanna Justine Noble. "(Your) smile will forever stay in my heart I love you like my brother May you rest easy You will be greatly missed."

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• e2v, based in Chelmsford, which designed and supplied the Civa camera system that will take pictures of the comet’s surface, as well as the Rolis system which will film during the descent and take images of the sites sampled by Philae’s instruments. The company also built three other camera systems on the main spacecraft, one that produced all the pictures shown so far, and others used for navigation and helping map the landing spot


The VA has been under intense scrutiny since a whistleblower reported that dozens of veterans may have died while awaiting treatment at the Phoenix VA hospital, and that appointment records were falsified. Since then problems have been revealed at VA health care sites across the country.