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Welcome to the Civil Procedure Review!

Over the last few years, comparative law has been placed on the agenda of those who teach, practice and work with Civil Procedure or Procedural Law in general. With the current pace of developments in technology, the swiftness of a globalized economy, and the ever-increasing reliance on international law and cooperation mechanisms, the study of legal systems around the world has gained importance, as it helps us to better understand our own system and, at the same time, to provide solutions for legal issues which become, day after day, more common and global.

The Civil Procedure Review (ISSN 2191-1339) seeks to promote the study and discussion of Civil Procedure issues from a comparative perspective, creating a large database in the field of Procedural Law. With this, we aim at becoming a center for not only integrating, but also disseminating ideas.

The Civil Procedure Review publishes articles, books, book reviews, academic papers and other types of academic material on Procedural Law, produced by professors, researchers and students from universities and institutes from all around the world.

Opting to publish the review online, of the utmost importance in today’s modern world, is aimed at broadening the dissemination of ideas and providing the academic community with more democratic access to the review’s content. Taking full advantage of the benefits provided by an online publication, we wish to provide a fast, economical and accessible means for publishing quality academic writing. This is especially relevant for countries where libraries struggle to survive with the existing subscriptions to written journals. The online publication thus allows us to reach audiences that, otherwise, would not have access to this material.

The Civil Procedure Review also offers a Discussion Forum and Comments on Articles, two interactive facilities to promote academic debate. The Discussion Forum endorses the interchange of ideas on issues suggested by the Editorial Board. Through Comments on Articles, the review provides a public platform for each article published, and readers can comment on and engage in academic debate with the author and other readers, regardless of where they are in the world. This also provides authors with the opportunity to receive feedback.

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