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We welcome contributions to the Civil Procedure Review. However, if you would like our Editorial Board to consider an article, or any other material for publication, please note the following:

-Please check whether your text suits the profile of the review. Texts should be related to the field of Civil Procedure or Procedural Law in general. There is no need for a specific comparison between two legal systems: your contribution can be limited to the analysis of some aspects of Procedural Law in your own home country. In this case, we encourage authors to publish in another language other than their own in order to reach a wider public.

-We mainly publish in six languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Portuguese. Articles in any language other than English should provide a summary or abstract in the English language. We ask all contributors to write or submit materials in one of the above six languages. You may submit an article in another language, but in this case our Editorial Board will evaluate the convenience of a translation and the possibilities of publishing the respective article.

-There is no specific word limit. Besides articles, we will also consider proposals for other types of publications, including books, book reviews etc.

We will accept articles even if they have already been published elsewhere in print or electronically.  Similarly, we will not object if an article published here is subsequently published in print in another place. We ask no more than permanent (i.e., non- withdrawable) license to publish the article online on our website.

-Send your article to Articles are published in .PDF format, but they should be sent to us in Word (.DOC or .DOCX) format, font Calibri, size 12. The first page of the article should contain: a title in two languages (one of them in English); the name of the author; a brief description of the author’s main qualifications and occupations (the Editorial Board might reduce or adapt the author’s qualification to internationally-recognized standards); a synopsis in the language of the text and an abstract in English; up to five key-words in two languages, one of them English. Please note that if the article is in English, then another language is not necessary. Bibliographical references should come in footnotes (font Calibri, size 10) while complete bibliographical lists can also be presented in alphabetical order at the end of the article.

-All articles are reviewed using a double blind peer review process, which is a procedure in which the author is not identified. We aim at fast publication within a short time span; however, that depends on the size of the article. We avoid conditional acceptances except when they are related to matters of form and language.

-We kindly ask contributors to inform the Civil Procedure Review of any type of scholarship or funding, public or private, that might have been granted as an incentive or award for the research that gave rise to the text, as well as any other financial interests that could generate conflict of interest regarding the publishing of the text.

-It is the responsibility of each author to verify that the publication of his or her contribution does not violate any copyright laws.