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"We found that women who consume foods high in two sub-groups of powerful substances called flavonoids - flavonols and flavanones - had a significantly lower risk of developing epithelial ovarian cancer.

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Katharina Nygaard, of Kongsberg's subsea division, estimated the firm had a quarter of a world market of 800 gliders. Demand "is growing in the marine research world along with small but noticeable uptake by defense and commercial operators," she said.

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Giants linebacker Jameel McClain minced no words in describing the frustration he felt in not only losing 38-17 to the defending Super Bowl champion Seahawks on Sunday, but in allowing Seattle to rush for a franchise-record 350 yards.

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“The Better Care Fund is an innovative idea but the quality of early preparation and planning did not match the scale of the ambition. The 1 billion financial savings assumption was ignored, the early programme management was inadequate, and the changes to the programme design undermined the timely delivery of local plans and local government’s confidence in the Fund’s value.Ministers were right to pause and redesign the scheme in April this year when they realized it would not meet their expectations. The Fund still contains bold assumptions about the financial savings expected in 2015-16 from reductions in emergency admissions. To offer value for money, the Departments need to ensure more effective support to local areas, better joint working between health bodies and local government, and improved evidence on effectiveness.”

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Richard Hughes, of the Western Front Association – which organises the Annual Service of Remembrance at the Cenotaph, said this year’s Armistice day has a special reverence due to the British Army’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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CVC Capital Partners Ltd is among the buyout firms that have approached Clear Channel with an offer for its European outdoor advertising assets, which could be worth as much as $3 billion, the people said in recent days. Clear Channel may decide to hold on to these assets, the four people added.

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Speaking to the BBC's Lyse Doucet in the war-torn Syrian city of Homs, Mr de Mistura said the rise of IS was "a new factor which can turn into the possibility of looking at this conflict in a different way".

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Chair of South Lanarkshire Council’s enterprise eervices committee, councillor Chris Thompson, said: “We are delighted that fibre broadband is now coming to more and more areas across South Lanarkshire. There is no doubt it will make a huge difference to people’s lives, both at home and in the workplace.”

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Also, the declaration would call for a "collective strategic study" on FTAAP to be conducted within two years instead of a "feasibility study" which would have marked the start of FTAAP negotiations, the sources told Reuters.

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Norovirus is the most common cause of acute gastroenteritis in the United States, with up to 12 million illnesses each year resulting in up to 71,000 hospitalizations and about 800 deaths, according to the San Mateo County Health System.

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Federer, 33, is desperate to add the Davis Cup title to his 17 grand slam titles and even suggested himself before the Tour Finals began that the looming tie with France could play on his mind if he has a long run in London.

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This is Phil Jackson as we remember him from his days coaching the Chicago Bulls — publicly complaining about officiating, moaning about physical play and even taking a subtle dig at the commissioner.

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Their use has rocketed in recent years, but there is fierce debate about the risks and benefits. Some public health experts say they could help millions quit tobacco cigarettes, while others argue they could "normalize" the habit and lure children into smoking.

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While the billionaire philanthropist and founder of financial data company Bloomberg L.P. agrees that the creation legislation like Dodd-Frank was necessary after the financial crisis, he claims the Obama administration erred by allowing Congress to draft the bill.

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Obama added that a number of "bright-line rules" should be in place to secure the future of the internet. These include forbidding ISPs to block sites, throttle connections or offer fast and slow lanes, and adding increased transparency to the cable industry.

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"In a way, I was lucky, because I was mayor of Cambridge before I went to the Lords. When I first got there I thought 'my goodness, it's just like being in the town hall in Cambridge but much bigger and much grander.'"

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"Our peacekeepers belong to no-risk category of the Ebola infection," Catapang told a news conference at the main army base in Manila, two days before the arrival of 108 soldiers, 24 police and jail wardens from Monrovia.

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When we got to the shoe department, my mother was over the moon to see Monty’s Den, and led my daughter over to show her its delights. First we had to get through all the penguin merchandise, from pillows to pyjamas. Once we reached Monty’s Den, we noticed that the children inside were bouncing on giant 95 soft toys, while watching the advert on a screen – or “through Samsung technology”, as a sign helpfully told us.

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Eton, Oxford and Annabel’s members’ nightclub. Grandson of Sir Winston Churchill, brother to a Tory grandee, brother-in-law of a defence minister. That’s pretty much all you need know about Rupert Soames.

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The Panthers (3-6-1) hardly look like the team that won the NFC South last year. They've lost four in a row and already have allowed more points in 10 games than they did in 2013. Making things worse, Panthers defensive tackle Star Lotulelei was carted off the field late in the third quarter.