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Down by the Clyde, crowds have been gathering outside Glasgow's SSE Hydro all day, with some fans waiting since midday - a full eight hours before the event is due to begin. The excitement of those queuing is understandable given that some have travelled from as far afield as Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands to see their heroes perform.

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Judge Haralson's ruling is subject to appeal, but if accepted by both parties it would allow Continental's CEO to put a contentious and time-consuming divorce behind him and to remain the controlling shareholder of one of America's most successful oil companies.

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"It’s hard to be unscathed in this urban environment, But there is a sign of hope and resilience that we don’t quite get from the song. We talk about overcoming and changing your trajectories even if you do have these risks at your front door."

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Their attention spans also appeared to be shorter. "There’s more and more studies showing that microorganisms in your body have a bigger influence than anything anyone would have predicted, and this could be something along those lines," says a researcher.

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"This conference is also a great opportunity for individuals to meet other people who are and have gone through similar situation. NISIG encourages all people attending to discuss and exchange the stories of their journeys," the organisation said.

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The market looked ahead to a batch of key U.S. data releasestowards the week's end that may further underscore the brighterU.S. economic outlook relative to Europe and Japan. U.S.indicators due Friday include retail sales and consumersentiment data.

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Proceeds will benefit The Gerard B. Lambert Foundation, which supports The Oak Spring Garden Library in Upperville, Virginia. The library houses Mellon's collection of rare books, manuscripts and works of art related to landscape design, horticulture and natural history.


The understanding was the latest in a flurry of agreements reached ahead of the opening of the APEC summit. On the eve of the gathering, Beijing announced a free-trade agreement with South Korea. Also Monday, regulators approved a plan to open Chinese stock markets wider to foreign investors by linking exchanges in Hong Kong and Shanghai. That followed the weekend announcement of a $40 billion Chinese-financed fund to improve trade links between Asian economies.

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In reality, many of them were stigmatised by the community. Some healthcare staff in Toronto did not turn up to work out of concern for their own welfare and that of their family, and some complained that their colleagues in the nearby hospital received "danger pay" for treating Sars patients when they did not.