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Frandsen said that additional data from CERN may possibly determine whether the newly found particle was the Higgs or the techni-higgs. If the CERN will upgrade the LHC with a more powerful accelerator, it may be able to conduct direct observations of techni-quarks.

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Fifty-seven percent of New Yorkers support legalizing recreational pot, according to a Quinnipiac poll earlier this year. Most women support it, and nearly two in three men. Forty-six percent of New Yorkers say they’ve smoked it — though some of the nos may have been lying, or have trouble remembering.

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The tension is in stark contrast to the district's natural beauty and tranquillity. Wandering herds of camels, goats and cows with fatty shoulder humps daily cross from the Yemeni side to graze along the lush wadis before peaceably ambling home.

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That might have been a politically expedient position to take during the recent election campaign, when the shortage of water in Sao Paulo was a thorny political issue, but the apparent lack of urgency in the city and wider state now is worrying many.

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A senior U.S. official said the visa agreement would allow the United States to tap into the fast-growing market of Chinese tourists travelling abroad. The United States now attracts only 2 percent of Chinese tourism.

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The Advantage funds now make up only about 15 percent of thefirm's capital after many outside investors left. Roughly halfof the firm's money is invested in its merger arbitrage funds,including Paulson Partners, which fell 4.8 percent last monthand is flat on the year.

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But Manning has to play flawlessly for these Giants to win. And with 57 seconds left in the third and the score tied, he tried to make too big a play, tried to make one gunslinging, gutsy pass over Richard Sherman to Odell Beckham Jr. near the goal line. The result? An Earl Thomas interception that sparked an avalanche of Seahawk rushing TDs, sending the Giants tumbling to their fourth straight implosion, 38-17.

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Hansraj Gangaram Ahir, the new junior chemicals andfertilizer minister, was another eye-catching choice. He ischarged with around 20 offences, including intent to wage waragainst India, criminal intimidation and abetting a mutiny.

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Katharina Nygaard, of Kongsberg's subsea division, estimated the firm had a quarter of a world market of 800 gliders. Demand "is growing in the marine research world along with small but noticeable uptake by defense and commercial operators," she said.

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Volkswagen decided in July on a $600 million investment to expand its plant in preparation for the new seven-seater SUV it plans to build. At the same time, it wishes to create a works-council to represent salaried and blue-collar workers alike, however, it must work with an independent union to achieve this goal.

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Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton encountered several aviation breakdowns when she was in office, including a tire that burst on landing in the United Arab Emirates, leading to an unscheduled overnight stay in Dubai. But she never had to resort to flying commercially.

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The best batting coaches will bide their time, trying to find the out-of-place domino that means everything does not fall into place, and then deciding on the correct time when to try to slip it back into line.

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In theory, companies not directly under sanction could tapdollar bond markets, as Gazprom did last week. The state-runenergy company raised $700 million via one-year bonds but forthis, it had to offer buyers a large 100 bps-plus premium to itsexisting bond maturing in 2015.

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"We identified five common serious conditions that were reported by carers including a ‘longstanding illness, condition or disability', diagnosed asthma or asthma symptoms, diagnosed eczema / skin allergy, sight problems that required correction and hearing problems that required correction," noted IPH director of research, Prof Kevin Balanda.

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Though lobbyists say legislative efforts to overturn new rules would face a White House veto, cable and wireless companies were expected to turn to Republican allies in Congress for stricter oversight of the FCC.

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The super duper model and television presenter looks incredible in the images for the online magazine and it's hard to believe she's 44. This is one model who seemingly never ages and who looks as fantastic now as she did when she first stepped out on a runway.

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The legal action related to getting an order to allow Miss Y to undergo an abortion under the Protection of Life in Pregnancy Act. A previous court order had been obtained to allow the woman to be hydrated.

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Will all this cure you? No. You could have your orthotics super glued to your feet for a year, and if you took them off, a minute later your inherited biomechanics would resume -- and eventually the pain right along with it. But make these exercises a part of your weekly routine, and you can rid yourself of this unnecessary pain forever.

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"Michael is a tremendous addition to the middle of our lineup," Mets general manager Sandy Alderson said in a statement. "He is a proven offensive threat who also brings versatility in the field with the ability to play multiple positions."

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"This is one measure that the central bank has taken to go through this difficult period for commercial banks and most importantly to boost liquidity," a source close to the situation said on the sidelines of the London Bullion Market Association annual conference in Peru.

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The Steelers were taking unnecessary shots at Vick, leading to him throwing the ball at a Steelers defender late in the game. He and Ryan were hit with unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. Vick said he was kicked in the face when he was down.

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Some drivers – my former Red Bull colleague Mark Webber springs to mind – needed a controversy or something akin to that really to deliver to their maximum potential, but Lewis is not like that. Nervous is not a word that seems to be in his vocabulary this year, even when he has been behind with plenty of ground to make up. He is relaxed in the knowledge that he is the faster man. Even in Brazil, with his half-spin, he showed he has the edge on Nico.

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"(Defense) is what carried us," Duncan said. "That's why we had a chance to win the game because we definitely were sputtering on offense, at best. We had to find a way to get it done. In that respect, we stepped up and made some stops and made enough plays to kind of get over the top.

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In April, AT&T and Honeywell International Inc had announced a partnership to launch a high-speed 4G LTE-based in-flight connectivity service for airlines and passengers in commercial, business and general aviation in the U.S.

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Sheeran, however, returned to the top of the album charts with "X", 20 weeks after it was first released, holding off the challenge of new-entry "Motion" from Calvin Harris, which ended up in second place.

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More than 70 people have been arrested in connection with the disappearances, including the mayor of Iguala, Jose Luis Abarca, and his wife, Maria de los Angeles Pineda, who were detained in Mexico City last Tuesday.

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The “60 Minutes” report detailed her precautions while in Liberia, including being hosed down with a chlorine solution, having her temperature taken frequently and making sure not to touch people. A CBS security worker traveled with the crew with the responsibility of watching everyone’s interactions to minimize any chance they could be infected.

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Banks have over $50 billion in payments due in the comingyear and, unlike commodity counterparts, have few dollar assetsto set against dollar debts. Total external debts amount to $192billion, a tenfold increase since the 1998 crisis.

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The world's biggest pension fund, known as GPIF, on Oct. 31announced new allocation targets, including raising its domesticstock holdings to 25 percent from 12 percent and cutting holdings of domestic bonds to 35 percent from around 60 percent.

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Vodafone reported second-quarter organic service revenue,which strips out items like handset sales and currencymovements, down 1.5 percent, compared with the near 4 or 5percent falls it recorded in the last six quarters. It also beatthe consensus expectation of a fall of 2.8 percent.

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LONDON, Nov 11 (Reuters) - Britain's top share index climbedto a six-week high on Tuesday, led higher by Vodafone which advanced after raising its earnings outlook to reflectgrowing demand in its big European markets.

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POTISKUM, Nigeria (AP) — Disguised in a school uniform, a suicide bomber set off explosives hidden in a backpack during an assembly Monday at a high school in northern Nigeria, killing at least 48 students and wounding 79 others.

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After the plea agreement, the NFL said it would review the case under its Personal Conduct Policy and offered no timetable for a decision on when, or if, Peterson would be removed from the exempt list.

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The additional funding will allow Rooster Teeth to widen its programming slate and reach bigger audiences, Burns said in an interview. "Now we can have multiple productions of multiple franchises at one time," he said.

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Heathrow Hub, which is proposing to extend the West London airport’s northern runway and effectively split it in two, says the total cost, including rail and road improvements would be 12bn. The company says its design could be delivered by 2023 and would benefit the economy by as much as 70bn.

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"The Government cannot conceivably decide that one vote is indicative of another. ... This is the way of tyranny, because it takes away the right of the House of Commons to hold the Executive to account."

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"It is for certain that the winds have begun to blow for the dissolution of the lower house," Toshihiro Nikai, a top LDP official, told reporters, adding that the party must be ready to fight and win an election.

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The conflict in Darfur is being waged on many fronts and by different groups; fighting between government forces, rebels and militias, and localised conflict that has sparked a wave of inter-ethnic violence. This meant there is a steady flow of new arrivals - on foot, donkey and hired vehicle. According to the UN, 390,000 people fled their homes in the first half of 2014 - more than in any single year since the height of the crisis in 2004.

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Washington argued that while the drug KannaLife Sciences is working to develop would cause a positive result on a drug test for an active player, CBD has no psychoactive effects. And, he added, research is piling up that shows the benefits — especially for football players — outweigh any negative stigma associated with marijuana.

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JPMorgan and Jefferies have offered Vista debt equivalent toabout 11 times TIBCO's 12-month earnings before interest, tax,depreciation and amortization to the end of September, whichMoody's Investors Service Inc called "very high." (Reporting by Greg Roumeliotis in New York; Additionalreporting by Liana B. Baker in New York; Editing by ParitoshBansal and John Pickering)

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McDonald's comments represent a departure from his previous public remarks. At a news conference last Thursday, he said the VA has proposed disciplinary action — up to and including firing — against more than 40 employees nationwide since June.

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Michael Caine has different opinions: "I'd do anything for Chris," he says. " I'll work with him on any project he wants me to, it's literally a family atmosphere on set. But I won't actually ever contemplate going into space for him. I prefer gardening."

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Season the inside and outside of the ducks with salt and stuff them with the bay and thyme. Heat the oil in a large ovenproof pan over a medium-high heat. When the oil is hot, brown the ducks on all sides until golden. Place the pan in the oven for 15-17 minutes (depending on size of birds), then transfer to a warmed plate, cover and keep warm.

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FINRA has been concerned that recruitment incentives, mainlyin the form of bonuses, may sway brokers to suggest that clientsmove their accounts to the broker's new firm. But that couldmean those clients may not be able to hold the same securitiesor could incur new costs, FINRA has said.

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By implanting 12mm glass computer chips in his flesh Martijn Wismeijer has been able to store Bitcoins inside his body, create a personalised alarm clock and will even be able to install keyless doors in his home. But how painful is the injection?

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"Last year we gave advice to over 1,000 people and this year we aim to raise that number. The Ploughing provides us with an ideal platform to improve public understanding of mental health and illness," she noted.


This is Phil Jackson as we remember him from his days coaching the Chicago Bulls — publicly complaining about officiating, moaning about physical play and even taking a subtle dig at the commissioner.