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Artist Tamrat Gezahegn, a friend of Mr Leikun and another graduate of the Alle School, also has reservations about Makush. He notes how paintings there are limited to scenes - such as monks and churches, the Merkato market, women leant over coffee pots - favoured by tourists and foreigners. There is little room for paintings from a more alternative art scene producing artworks like his that deconstruct stereotypical images of "authentic" Ethiopia.

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In the film, Kate Winslet plays Sylvia Llewelyn Davies, whose four young sons inspired the Scottish author — played by Johnny Depp — to write the children's classic "Peter Pan." The film, which also stars Julie Christie and Dustin Hoffman, tells how Barrie, who had no children of his own, befriended the Davies boys.

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Modi has not yet commented on the protests. But a spokesman for the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, affiliated to his party, said: "Our Indian culture does not permit us displaying such kinds of affection in public spaces."

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As with all the house's hats, the new models -- black rabbit felt and straw hats with black gros grain ribbons -- have got their own names, and Lagerfeld was inspired by his favorite models (all current regulars with the designer's own brand, and his work at Fendi and Chanel).

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“I have got to be certain in my own mind about Kyle," Lancaster said. "It is about how much it takes out of him and the knock-on effect of not being able to do the work. I see this as a four-game series and I have got further games to look at options and combinations. The obvious options [if Eastmond is not fit] is to put George [Ford] at 10 and Owen at 12, or you can bring in someone like Billy Twelvetrees at inside centre.

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“Pique is doing everything a footballer can do. It is you (the media) who is exaggerating. If I have a problem with a player, I like to be direct with them. But thankfully that has not happened here,” Enrique said.

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It is the first time Target is offering early access to Black Friday deals, an effort to rebound from a series of problems and compete in an economy that's still difficult and reel in shoppers who want options besides rolling out of bed at 3 a.m. the day after Thanksgiving.

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Fujifilm, once among the world's biggest makers of photography film, has been expanding its pharmaceutical business. In 2008 it bought Toyama Chemical Co, whose influenza drug Avigan has been drafted for the fight against Ebola. (Reporting by Ayai Tomisawa; Editing by Chris Gallagher)