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The routine sterilization drive was part of a campaign by the Indian government aimed at controlling population growth, and was conducted by doctors at a private hospital who reportedly performed 83 operations within six hours on Saturday.

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"The Lagonda nameplate has always had a particular appeal for our customers in the Middle East," Palmer confirmed. "I'm sure those who take the opportunity to purchase the new Lagonda will be proud to own what will doubtless go on to become a piece of luxury automotive history."

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Worsening sentiment is also a stark reminder of how far theeconomy has veered off course compared to the beginning of theyear when the government claimed its fiscal stimulus spendingwould easily offset the impact of higher taxes.

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Most of these veterans served during the wars in Vietnam, Korea and World War II. Every year, more of them passed on. Without the opportunity to hear their stories firsthand, the loss of the records would soon make it much harder for us to learn that LGBT veterans once joined together to fight for recognition, justice and acceptance.

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It makes the point that while these threats do exist, the only way they can cause any real damage is through an extensive series of mishaps on the user’s behalf, which supposedly absolves Apple of most of the responsibility in the matter.