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Then, after six weeks of emails and calls she also said yes to becoming their surrogate using her eggs. She rang and told them, "I'd like to help your second journey straight away. I know you are going to be amazing dads." This time the child would be biologically Luke's.

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But with its next biggest resource exports gold, oil andgas also suffering price falls, as investors shun volatilecommodities and China's economic slowdown persists, Australiarisks an even harder ride next year.

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But business leaders attending the APEC forum have been looking for signs of progress on the TPP, especially as China is pushing for a separate trade liberalization framework called the Free Trade Area of the Asia Pacific (FTAAP).

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It is also said that captains make good coaches. But again there is a subtle difference. If you make a cock-up as captain, you can atone for it with a brilliant individual performance. A coach cannot do that.

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She has packed her 22 years of life with extreme sports, travel, hill-walking, fashion and a lot of other "normal" activities which she says have provided her with a wealth of insight to draw upon when she puts a character across on the stage.